Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Huh? What? What happened to my catch phrases ........

Poor John McCain. I know. You didn't expect me to say that. But really. The poor guy keeps forgetting to add in his catch phrases and has to backtrack all the time, throw out his catch phrase, and then start in on his lack of his strategy again.

Barack Obama keeps coming back in his calm, collected, elegant way with a plan in reaction to every question. John McSaim says succinct statements such as, "I will get 'em." Ok then. That's reassuring. Huh.

Now Mr. McCain "has the scars to prove" that he's disagreed with the Bush administration. Isn't it curious that both parties must make a point that they disagree whole heartedly with the current administration. When has that happened before?

Holy crap. I owe my computer an apology. I just spit all over it after hearing John McCain say that Sarah Palin is a "role model to women." Huh? Which women would that be? Yes indeed, John. She is indeed a "fresh of breath air." "She understands that autism is on the rise." Well holy god bless. That surely does make her qualified to be president.

I wonder if John McCain understands that a $5,000 tax credit does not equal $5,000 cash. Do we think he has ever prepared his own taxes? Is this man clueless? That was a rhetorical question.

And finally, the constantly blinking John McCain reassures us that he will "allow Joe the Plumber to keep his wealth." Well now ....... I can sleep peacefully tonight knowing that all Joe the Plumbers whose incomes exceed $250,000 will not have to give up one penny of their wealth.

In essence, this 90 minute debate has finalized the definition between these two presidential candidates. One has eloquently stated his ideas, hopes and plans for leading this country. The other has repeated his lies and platitudes.

PS - I haven't heard Mr. McSaim-Catch-Phrase call himself a "maverick" even once tonight. Generally this word has come into play roughly 86 times per speech in the past. Is it possible that the Maverick family's condemnation of this non-maverick actually registered?

We just can't be too thin or too .......... nuts.

Ok, I cannot be silent about this one minute longer. Being bombarded by these photos of anorexic/death camp appearanced women is just plain astounding. How can we be silent about this?

Here it is, the ad that pushed me over the edge:

I believe that to be Angelina Jolie on the left. Take note of the skeletal look: the bony arms that make her (no doubt) small hands look huge, the wrist and collar bones sticking out. This woman appears as though she has just left a concentration camp and needs sustenance for she may die at any moment! This is what we hold up to our young girls as the epitome of female beauty? Puhleeeeeease!!!!!!!

These bony thin, skeletally frail images of women must cease! What are we teaching here ........ that to be a woman is to be skinny little helpless beings? Gag me!! I've had enough!!!!

Now it is a true statement that I have pounds to lose to be healthy. I do not advocate being overweight. However, latest medical reports show that being slightly overweight is healthier than being underweight. I mean, to look at the above image makes my stomach turn. I think this woman's body is eating itself. Why do we as the women of this country allow men to portray this as our society's standard of beauty?

Ok. I have a theory. As usual. It seems to me that this commenced right about the time that the Women's Movement rocked into full swing in the sixties. Remember Twiggy? Yep. She came around when I was in high school or college. We all made fun of her back then. She looked ridiculous with her bony arms and legs. Her name became synonymous with death camp skinny. Now she would be considered today's perfect weighted woman. What has gone wrong here?!

I'll tell you what. As women's power increases, men's desire to keep us powerless increases. It can't be done in the marketplace anymore ........ at least not legally. So it's accomplished in another way. Now we're supposed to be physically completely helpless. No muscle, no tone, no body.

For Goddess' sake let's start standing up for ourselves, our daughters and granddaughters. Do NOT buy magazines with these anorexic women on the covers ....... or inside. Write to advertisers who portray these itty bitty unhealthy women in their television advertising. Get off our bony or padded butts and do something about this.

Bring back the Goddess. The time is now.