Monday, January 23, 2012

The First Day of the Rest of My Life!

This is it.  Today is the day.  Monday:  the day of most "starts", right?  Wednesday:  the day of most "quits".  Sigh.

I'm feeling the motivation to lose weight, finally.  Things have gotten out of hand.  I'm here exposing myself in the hopes that anyone else who needs to join me in this adventure will do so and feel encouraged by what I write.  You, also, will encourage me with your own participation.

I have succumbed to the advertising of Nutrisystem.  Indeed, I intend to look just like Janet Jackson in four months.  Heh.

Ok, I'll have to tan a bit and exercise a lot, but I can do it!

It's too soon for me to announce just how much weight I would LIKE to lose, or even how much I expect to lose on this trek.  That would be overwhelming.  The truth is, I'd like to get back to looking like I did as a teenager.  Not because I will look like a teenager again, but because I'll FEEL more like a teenager again.  Without all the angst and hormonal surges.  The best of both worlds!

I started the morning with my teeny weenie little bowl of bran cereal.  Adding soy milk and stevia, it wasn't a bad meal at all.  Now I'm supposed to have some sort of protein drink.  I'll shake that up pretty soon.

Here's what I like about this whole scenario right now:  it's easy, it's already prepared, there is no measuring or thinking.  Since I'm living alone in Manitou Springs at the moment, what could be better?

I trek down to the kitchen, pull something out of the pile of breakfast, lunch or dinner and voila - my meal is in front of me.

Admittedly I have become very spoiled and very lazy when it comes to my diet.  When I felt that first surge of hunger I'd grab something.  Didn't really seem to matter what it was.  Peanuts, crackers and cheese, cereal.  Occasionally I'd make a good meal including vegetables, but I was often too lazy to do that.

Right now there are so many things I want to write, read and explore, that good nutrition just wasn't on my radar.

Here's what I have found so far this morning, in just a few hours of my new adventure.  This has inspired me to take all of my vitamins.  I've set up my new stereo where I will use it both for enjoyment and meditation.  

I'm going to stick to this, and will remain accountable to you, my two devoted readers.

Stay tuned.

Are we proud of our younger generation or what?!

Now and then we allow ourselves to think that the younger generations are going to Hell.  Why?  I think it's partly laziness on the part of us "older" people and also because what we hear on the news every day is mostly negative.  That's what news is for, though, not to report the ordinary, but to report problems which need to be fixed and the occasional outstanding moment.  For some reason we want to allow our problems to outweigh the good in our daily lives.  Perhaps that's human nature; perhaps that's just how most of us have been taught to think about life.

So here is a 17-year-old girl who, possibly, may have created a route to the cure for cancer.  When reading how she came to this procedure it certainly makes sense and seems almost simple, as most miraculous cures are.  However, no one thought of it before, so indeed, she has a special mind and a special place in history.

We have a reason to celebrate today, and to be grateful for the young minds which will help make our lives and the lives of our children better.

Click on the blog title or copy and paste this link to be taken to the article on this subject:

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Moon Tonight, Folks

At 12:41am tomorrow morning we will be enjoying the new moon for January, 2012.

The new moon phase occurs when the moon is positioned directly between the earth and the sun.  Hence, the sun's light shines on only the back portion of the moon which we don't see here on earth.

As both of my blog readers know, I enjoy studying the "old ways" and tend to believe that nature holds power of us little humans.  Thus, I feel that just as the moon has power over the oceans it also has influence far beyond what we are generally willing to admit as the powerful human beings we feel we are.

Given that, I enjoy some simple rituals which allow us to show our appreciation for, and also use the power of nature.  New Moon is a good time to concentrate on new intentions or new goals, as the moon will now grow to be full in one month.

Whatever your intention may be (start writing poetry, get better grades, change a certain part of your personality, become a gourmet chef, etc.), this is the time to proclaim them and start work.  You will have the energy of the moon with you, helping you toward your goal.

Do you have a new goal?  I certainly do, and I will commence after dark this evening with a ritual cleansing bath prior to starting my new journey.

Would you like a personalized Moon Ritual made just for you and your new intention?  Please click on the box on the upper left side of this blog with the title "Buy a Custom MoJo Moon Ritual Here", pick whether you wish a new moon or a full moon ritual, and check out through PayPal.

Be sure to include a clear and direct intention via the message portion of PayPal.  I will promptly send you a customized ritual made just for you.

Whatever you choose to do on this new moon, may you be blessed in every way.

Here it is: The PERFECT, Traditional Grilled Cheese Sandwich Meal

Ok, here we go.  Now this is the quickie, down and dirty grilled cheese dinner for when you just got home and are starving.  We've all been there.

Grab two pieces of your herbed Italian bread (yes, they even have this at the Walmart), along with at least two different kinds of sliced cheese.  You don't have to get fancy here, this is the down and dirty version.  So pick a slice of American, one slice of Swiss cheese and a few teeny slices of your favorite (Havarti or gruyere are my faves).

Slap those cheesies on your fancy bread and sprinkle some basil in between the slices.  This is very important!  BASIL!

Pour a little extra virgin olive oil into your non-stick skillet and turn the heat on low.  Did you hear me?  LOW!  If yer a skinny-minnie and have no heart issues, slather that gorgeous frying pan with real butter instead of  EVOO.  Up to you.

While the first side of your basil grilled cheese is soaking up that oil and starting to tan, pull out a ready made can of Progresso tomato basil soup. I said this was the down and dirty version, right?

Pour that easy basily soup into a big cup with a handle and flash it in the micro for a minute.  Don't forget to cover it, silly.

Check the suntan on your grilled cheese and if it looks right around Jamaican, flip it over.

Now give that tomato soup a stir, recover it, and nuke it for another 45 seconds.

Now's the time to pick your grilled cheese wine.  I suggest a smooth chardonnay or liebfraumilch - whatever is your favorite.  For me?  Whatever is already open.

By the time you've got your soup cup set on your plate and your wine poured, you should have a nicely tanned grilled cheese.  Take your time, though, goodness cannot be rushed.

Got the stereo set?  Lights dimmed?  Yeah.  You're ready.  Carry that gorgeous plate of comfort food to the best seat in the house and there you are - caramba!  Happy.

Admit it, you want one right now, don't you.