Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm afraid of the evil tarot and pentagram!

As most of you know, I've been interested in tarot for years. I enjoy both reading for friends and having my own cards read by others. Once in awhile I'll still shell out $30 to see what a good reader has to say but mostly I read, or a good Milwaukee friend will read for me. (You know who you are, Jurg.)

Lately I've had people ask why anyone would want to have their cards read. I admit, this question often seems to come from the seriously non-curious. Nevertheless, it's a good question. Why would anyone want to have someone else seemingly dive into their lives and personal affairs?

My first response to that question is this: insight. To me, the first and foremost tool of tarot is to give one insight into either a general or specific situation in her/his life. Tarot is the exploration of options, a presenter of choices, a purveyor of power ("knowledge is power"), and a method of directing our focus on what concerns may be imminent.

Of course there are many other ways of using the tarot: as a ritual tool, access to our unconscious, focus for meditation, clarification of goals, understanding dreams or even creating dreams.

Tarot is not used to cast evil spells or make others do what they do not wish to do. There have been rather accurate past portrayals in the media of witches, witchcraft and the use of esoteric tools, but most often witches, tarot, books of shadows and other accoutrement are depicted as in some way evil and tools of wicked intent. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Just as the tarot is not a tool of malevolent scheming, neither is the pentagram a symbol to be feared. Do you know what the pentagram represents? It is a five pointed star representing elements: air, earth, fire, water and spirit. It is a tool of protection, not fear.

The number five is considered to be mystical and magickal. We have five senses (those which are known as the common senses). Five toes, five fingers, five pillars of the Muslim faith, five daily times of prayer, five wounds of Christ on the cross.

Every person is a star!

There is a tarot layout which is done in the shape of the five pointed pentagram. By the way, the symbol you often see us wearing is actually called a pentacle, which is a pentagram within a circle.

One "suit" of the tarot card deck is called pentacles, or sometimes coins. This suit represents prosperity, finances, business ventures. The ace of pentacles can represent a new, prosperous beginning.

So you see, tarot cards and pentagrams are actually a wondrous celebration of life, nature and spirit.

Those are today's words. Spread 'em, ok? (All right, that was a little wytch joke.)

Friday, February 27, 2009

I Adore Crones

I was going to write about older women, but then saw gorgeous, super smart Michelle Obama on the news. She's not exactly older, so I've changed the title to "crones" which, I know, brings to mind an ugly old woman in most people's minds.

Even the out of date dictionary definition of crone is "an old woman who is thin and ugly."

So let me tell you what a crone really is. A crone is the third part of the triumvirate starting as maiden and mother. This means I'm a crone and I ain't old, baby. My life producing years may have just ended but my knowledge of life continues growing larger and stronger, and that's precisely what a crone is, a knowledgeable elder.

There is much to be learned from older women and it's about dang time we recognized this here in the good ol' U.S. of A. I'm pretty sickety sick of older men with wrinkles being termed "maturely handsome" and older women with the same wrinkles being viewed as ...... well ..... OLD and undesirable. Huh? Who thought up that disjointed idea?

My experience with men, all the way back since I was in my teens, is that they are mostly interested in my pants. Older women, while I'm not gonna say we don't notice a cute young hunk, have much more on our minds and might I say much more important things on our minds.

The women I'm close to are students of life. We read, study, watch, and each day brings us closer to the answers for which we search. The search brings us more ability to share this knowledge with our sisters.

Now don't go all defensive on me re the wonderful men in your life. Ya, I know some, too. Some of my best friends are men. My husband is, too, and believe me, I'm pretty psyched about having my own in-house hunk.

My point is that in general we devalue women as they age and that is just plain wrong. So I'm talking about it now and you know I will be again.

As usual.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Taking a Break to Celebrate

Today I will refresh my mind and soul, take a break from this seeming political chaos, turn off the news, and simply enjoy and appreciate my wonderful life. We don't do this often enough, do we? If you do, bless you and please share this ability with others.

Today I will spend the day alone, or at least separated from other human beings. I am surrounded by the love of six furballs (Luna, Angus, Bart, Tashi, Sophie and Merlyn), Mama Nature's incredible acceptance, the pleasure of my home and sacred objects, and intrigue of my books.

Today I begin my celebration of Ostara. Although still three weeks away nature has already commenced noting the arrival of the spring equinox, warmer weather and longer light. On March 20th we celebrate the Vernal Equinox (Ostara), the midway point of Candlemas and Beltane. This is the celebration of spring's apex, the equality of night and day, the return of the God of Light and the Mother Goddess who opens herself to fertility.

Today I was amused by the first Kildeer performance I've seen so far this year. Quite vocal in her attempt to lead me astray, she brought a smile to my face (as they always do) when she screeched and flopped around, creating a Sarah Bernhardt worthy production of convincing me she had been injured so that I would follow her far from her nest.

Today I took down the last of my Yule greeneries from my rural mailbox and will replace them with spring colors and flowery adornments along with little twinkling lights. I will start my spring cleaning of the yard, fill the fountains with fresh water for the birds and plan my herb and vegetable gardens.

Today is a day to begin our renewal, replenish our souls with the bounty of Mother Nature and give praise for the incredible life giving forces of our universe.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This is the best they can do?

I listened to our President last night and found myself renewing the hope for our futures which I have had for the past four months. To say that it is incredibly uplifting to hear our President speak to us with eloquence and intelligence, as though we are, indeed, intelligent enough to understand him, is understatement. Yowza! Now already there's a change I can live with!

Then the Republicans send Bobby Jindal on as their rebuttist (and I quote Dubya here ...... ok, not really ..... but he could have made up this word if it sounded even stupider). Bobby Jindal, Governor of Lousiana. Yes, Lousiana. Where the hurricane Katrina decimated its most famous city. This is what Republican Governor Jindal (of Lousiana) had to say, and I quote:

"the government didn't help us out during Katrina, so we know not to look to them for help during this economic crisis".

Now to quote Rachel Maddow when asked about Jindal's response: "ah .... a .... ah ..... bwa bwa bahhhhh...... I don't even know what to say right now".

Yep. Me, too, Rachel.

We hate to belabor the obvious (but often do it, anyway), but, ah, does Gov. Jindal recall that BUSH was President during Katrina? Hey, Bobby! Bobby! Pay attention now! Bush is gone! WE VOTED OUT THE REPUBLICAN ADMINISTRATION! We have a new President now! Hello??

This is the best that the Republican party can offer up to rebut President Obama's well thought out, well laid out speech, keeping the American people informed every step of his way just as he said he would in his campaign speeches? Wha?

Jindal's argument is that since the federal government couldn't do anything productive for New Orleans following the Katrina tragedy, don't expect any help, at all, for anything in the future.

First of all would someone please ring Bobby up and catch him up to date on who's Prez right now? Second, could someone alert him that perhaps when he offers up a rebuttal directly following the President who speaks to us as though we are intelligent, thinking adults, he MIGHT not want to speak V E R Y S L O W L Y, using only grade school terminology and two syllable words.

Oh yes, and THIRD. Someone ...... please ........ someone ........ let Governor of Louisiana Jindal know that not only is there $5 billion in Katrina government aid still unspent in Lousiana (his state) ....... but that turning down the money coming to Lousiana via President Obama's stimulus package means that YOU are denying your state the federal help it could receive.