Friday, March 28, 2008

What the heck is with all this verbing of nouns, I ask you?

So on my way home from adventures in the big city of Q-ville tonight I heard the radio announcer say that some object was "satelliting". Satelliting? Satellite is now an action word?

Ok, I know that some "verbing" of our language is necessary. Just as at this moment I am "blogging", meaning "to blog", having been verbed from the acronym BLOG. So we’re verbing acronyms. Seems like there should be a special and rather exotic word for that action ....... such as acroverbing or something. You know, as opposed to vernouning.

I’ve heard the phrase, "when we meet this afternoon we will DIALOGUE about this problem." So, we will noun about a noun? I was taught that nouns need action (verbs), not other nouns. Keeps them more comfortable, I think. "Dialoguing" must be some 10th grader’s attempt to be sophisticated. Isn’t it a shame that we copy high school students rather than the other way around? As adults do we not know enough to say that we will simply DISCUSS a problem, not DIALOGUE about it?!

I’ve heard that so-and-so "guested" on The Tonight Show. Apple is "headquartered" in Silicon Valley, it doesn’t have its headquarters there. Books are "authored", not written. How about he "breakfasted" on toast and nouns. We’ve all heard how the bride-to-be was "gifted" at her wedding shower. Makes you wonder to whom she was given, doesn’t it?

I know that the English language is an enigma. After all, my sweet husband has wined and dined me, but he’s never beered (thank Goddess) and suppered me. I suppose that when my talented violinist friends are playing, it could be said that they are fiddling, but when I play my guitar, am I guitaring?

All of this is a big hullabaloo about much of nothing, I know. I suppose I just wanted to dialogue into my tape recorder as I satellited all these small towns while carring (Mustanging?) home to begin affectionating my kitties.

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