Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day Will Be a Sad Day

I am stunned, not only to hear of Tim Russert's early death, but to realize how much this has affected me emotionally. There are some people we feel we know even though we've never met or spoken with them. I watched Tim Russert hundreds of times not only on "Meet the Press", but throughout these interesting political times as he was, hands down, my favorite political interviewer.

My third reaction, after being shocked and sad, was to think that this was not a personality that the world can stand to lose right now. Try right now to think of the person you know who epitomizes strength of character, joy of living, integrity, intelligence and knowledge. Quick ...... how many people popped into your mind?

It seems to me that what we need more than anything else right now, particularly in our nation's political arena, is a huge dose of integrity. Yesterday we lost a good person, a prime example of the best of humanity, and a leader.

Everything I hear about Mr. Russert tells me that he was also a fine example of the best of Fatherhood. Gone two days prior to Father's Day while I'm already missing my own Dad, I think how the world has lost two men who seemed always to try to do the right thing in their lives.

My heartfelt condolences go to Mr. Russert's family, friends, colleagues and to the rest of us who felt that via that big screen on our walls he had actually become part of our lives.

My Dad's first skydive at age 72. I miss my Dad. 8/10/14 - 12/23/07

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