Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Impeach the SOB

Another day of interesting, albeit disheartening, news. Ron Suskind's book, entitled "The Way of the World." Among other things, his basic accusation is that Bush WANTED the war in Iraq and manipulated information in order to make a case for going to war against Saddam Hussein. This is hot news?

Is there still a handful of folks in this country who believe that Bush is a wonderfully upstanding president who has, all along, wished to do the right thing? OK, I'm aware that there is that handful of sorely, sadly misguided soles. I'm even related to some of them. Please don't hate me because I used to be a Republican and had to learn to be a liberal via my life experience.

Just to be fair, the White House (who knew it could speak?!) has called this book "gutter journalism." I'm shocked. Is Tony Snow still with us or is that just a redux of his typical terminology used against facts he wished to refute? Condoleezza Rice has said "no one wants to go to war." Oh really? Has she met her boss? She says that such claims "get under her skin." Well it's good to know that accusations get "under her skin" but 3,000 dead American soldiers, 300,000 dead civilians and 50,000 maimed American soldiers have little effect on her lovely skin.

I'm going to get right to the point here and not go into all the details of the book which are intriguing, in particular the news that Bush cut off intelligence with Habush, one of the highest ranking of Saddam's political entourage, when the information he was getting did not promote his desire to go to war. Most importantly, that Iraq did NOT have WMDs, as we now all know. Also, that the White House ordered the CIA to write a fake letter from the Iraqi intelligence chief, Habush, claiming that Mohammad Atta (9/11 criminal) trained in Iraq prior to 9/11.

I won't lay out the entire book here because I want to make a point, as always. WHY ARE WE NOT IMPEACHING THIS PRESIDENT? We impeached Nixon because he broke into a friggin' office! We spent millions trying to impeach Clinton because he got a blow job!! But we let a president slide who has killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of people via his wanton abandonment of human empathy and his narcissistic drive to be a "war president."

This man, George W. Bush, was charged with the guardianship of the United States of America when he stole the office of the president. It is not beyond comprehension at this point that he was also behind 9/11. I've not wanted to get to this point of believing conspiracy theories, but the more we go on with this war, the more we hear about Bush's wanton relinquishing of ANY fact which would have kept us from war, the more I am pushed to the belief that yes, this man would do nearly anything to get his way.

Where this idea at one time seemed far fetched to me, one needs only now to watch this man speak, see the irritation in his face when he is questioned on just about anything, watch his isolationist body language and read the facts. Yes, the facts. There actually ARE facts, much to the White House's chagrin. Hey, if the White House can speak, it can also chagrin.

But back to my point. My point is, WHY ARE WE NOT IMPEACHING THIS MAN WHO HAS BROUGHT SUCH DISASTER TO OUR COUNTRY and made hs hated around the world? Are we that apathetic, that wrapped up in our daily myspace and facebook lives, THAT politically stupid, that we just cannot sit ourselves down and figure this out?

Please. Do the right thing for this country and for yourself. I'll make it easy for you. Help to impeach this fraud of a president by going to this site. Read what Dennis Kucinich (a good man) has to say. Write a letter or at least an email. If any of this information touches you ....... write ten letters and ten emails!

Millions of us can do this. We can. I want to be a proud American once again. Right now that's impossible ... but we can fix this. We can.

Don't we need to take this country back?

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