Thursday, September 18, 2008

Republicans and the Truth

Ok - gotcha with that title, didn't I? You thought it was an oxymoron. It is.

This morning I listened to Bill Bennett (former Secretary of Education and later the "Drug Czar" under the first Bushy) answer a reporter's questions regarding Sarah Palin. He was asked what he thought about her saying she'd been to Iraq (she hasn't), about her saying that most vice presidents have never met with foreign leaders either (they have, with the exception of Spiro Agnew, a Republican), about her saying she said an emphatic "NO" to the bridge to nowhere (she didn't). His response? All that is quite minor, stop talking about it.

Ok .... I want to get straight on the Republican point of view. Clinton lied about getting a blow job and should be impeached. Palin and McCain lie about their own records and their opponents' records and that's minor, stop talking about it.

I think I understand now.

Check it out:

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