Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Has our country finally entered "the new age"?

It's hard to imagine that anyone could be thinking of anything besides the outcome of the election at this point in time. Historic, moving, enlightened, hopeful, gratifying ....... well, I could go on.

Out walking before sunrise this morning, enjoying a lightness in my steps which wasn't there yesterday (possibly something to do with my new pink Crocs covered in "diamonds" ...... but I think it's more than that), I felt the tired elation of staying up late to hear the hopefulness and wisdom of President-elect Obama's acceptance speech (recording it to listen again today). Of course we have a long way to go but now is the time to revel in this moment in history. Those of us who voted for Obama are the catalysts of this historic moment. I want to feel it, reflect on it, and promote it.

I couldn't help but reflect, also, on McCain's concession speech. Had he chosen to run a campaign with a graciousness similar to that of his acceptance speech, might he have won the election? Definitely a possibility. The fact that he chose to go low-level with fabrications, anger and the usual misleading accusations helped him lose. I'm not complaining. In fact what pleases me is to recognize that it's clearly not the direction most of us wanted to go any longer. We're onto the fear mongering to get votes .... the out of context 6 second soundbites to misconstrue ........ and the pubescent grimacing and rolling of eyes during debates. Level headedness has conquered the right wing's continuing attempts to spread panic in order to gain votes. Isn't it about time.

As for the red eyed Ms. Palin, her return to Wasilla cannot come fast enough, although I pity Alaska for their choice. The Republicans made a stab at appealing to their fringed far right and to women, and women saw through it. Palin and the Republican party's attempt to set women back decades has failed. The fact that they showed us their true agenda is enlightening and powerful.

Our country now needs to take steps to unify and to heal, and President Obama will be the one to lead us in that direction. It's a new chapter in our country's story. So many memories come to mind: Martin Luther King, John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy. A chapter of hope which began with the horror of slavery. A chapter of change which began with the fear and cynicism of the far right and is ending in the rich ambition of promise.

Here is my hope: that this is the end of apathy. I hope that our country as a whole will now embrace change, grasp the path to a higher road and now truly enter this new age of Aquarius which was promised to us.

Blessings and peace.

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