Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I detest paring down to $53,000 a week, don't you?

Today's news: we have a 36-year-old Swedish countess who is divorcing her 66 year old former CEO husband. The poor guy is worth a paltry $300 million (which does seem schmaltzy given the bonuses many CEOs receive, doesn't it - he musta spent the rest on coffee) ..... but of course he was only CEO at United Technologies Corp, not AIG.

The David family in a lovelier, albeit just as expensive a moment.

She's a former investment banker. Guess they don't earn much, either.

So the poor thing has protested that she can't live on the $43 million he promised her in a post (ya, POST) nuptial agreement which she signed. Well that's obvious ..... she needs $100 million because she could not possibly live on $53,000 a week. Which includes $4,500 a week for clothing, $1,000 for skin care (I SO understand that part) and $1,500 for food (caviar be expensive, dahlink!) and of course a whole buncha dough for traveling.

It's good to know that the age of greed is not yet over.

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