Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Excuse me? Today's "America's Got Talent" Commentary

I'm watching "America's Got Talent". I know I probably shouldn't watch until near the end of the series ...... but I couldn't resist tonight.

So, first woman on: 62-year-old Michael Jackson type dancer. Pretty good! Judges comment, "Did you notice she's 62 years old and wasn't out of breath when she danced"?!


Another comment, "Just shows you're never too old to have a dream."


So .... in the opinion of these judges, 62 is what .... ANCIENT? How the hell old are they? David Hasselhoff's eyes are so tight they don't close. To these young pretend 'uns 62 is beyond having dreams?


Let's move on.

Skipping over a whole buncha this and that, we get to the inevitable country boy shuffling on stage in his backwards cap and back country outfit. "Aw sucks" is high grammar for this guy.

Then he sings "If Tomorrow Never Comes" and I actually cry.

Go figure.

Last act of the show? A break dancer. A young guy who really NEEDS a break. made me cringe. I mean, the guy's made of rubber. Was he good? Yes. Would I want to watch him over and over? Of course not ..... and this is a talent show for promoting acts who can consistently entertain people. Can a break dancer do that? I don't think so.

We haven't seen the winner yet.

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