Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ok, this is getting too weird

Now there's an old movie starring Michael Jackson, where he also portrays someone who looks precisely like the DA who prosecuted him for child molestation. Naturally, since there's money in it, someone's about to put it on TV.

There are reports that his nose was a prosthesis, and he had a velvet lined tray full of them in his home.

Someone claiming to be his "love child" has come out of the closet. Evidently he was at MJ's funeral, sitting with the family?

They're making a movie out of his last rehearsal shots.

No, this is no surprise. Anywhere there might be money made, there will be someone trying to do it.

Geez. Leave the guy alone. He's dead. I don't know what all his demons were, but maybe he's finally at peace. Too bad the vultures, including his own father, don't fade peacefully into the sunset.

One thing I did find interesting which was pointed out to me after MJ's death was this video. Inspiration or pattern?

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Jennifer said...

I'm with you!~I wish everyone would just leave this poor human being alone. He is now dead, let him rest in peace!~