Tuesday, February 22, 2011


As I do most every day in the wee hours of the morning, I sit in my comfy reading chair listening to NPR on the radio with my laptop at hand and kitties performing their kitty antics nearby. As my stomach rumbles and I prepare a warm, buttered bagel (sesame seed, please) to go with my French press coffee I never fail to feel gratitude for my immense amount of life blessings.

This morning a facebook friend's (thanks, Robb) post got me thinking further on the subject of gratitude. He posted a "Spent" test in which one finds just how long it takes to run out of money when one has become unemployed and nearly homeless. I took the test and found that I would last only nine days and then only because I'm a good typist. Thank you, Mom, for insisting that I take a typing class in 7th grade. It was invaluable and I still type nearly 100 words a minute. Better than telephoning, I say.

But I digress.

Mind wandering off on several tangents (surprise!) such as how does gratitude affect our lives. Does it, as some way, truly bring even richer rewards to our daily adventures as humans? I tend to think yes, as being grateful and acknowledging that gratefulness only promotes the further realization of blessings in our lives.

Then I wondered how gratefulness affects the immensely wealthy. Are those top 2 percent rich in this country who hold what ....... nearly 90 percent of the country's wealth now ....... are they grateful? Are they satisfied? Do they share because they enjoy the universal joy of sharing?

I am not rich. Not anywhere near rich, and yet I have far and away more than I need. I share with those in other countries who have less than I, and with abused and abandoned animals in this country, yet I do not see firsthand the tangible results of my sharing. I find myself longing to do so and realize that I have not done enough locally.

Contemplation makes me wonder how gratitude affects others. Do you keep a gratitude journal? Are you aware of the gifts it brings to your life? Does gratitude spark your creativity or motivation? Do you spend a few minutes (or more) each day feeling gratitude and if so, how does it affect you?


Robb said...

Joanie, this is a fantastic reminder of what truly matters. I'm glad the game spurred such a great post from you-- I too have been thinking about gratitude. My New Year's goal for 2011 is to write at least one thank you note a week. Thanks for providing this week's reminder to be thankful!

Lya Sorano said...

Very nice, thought-provoking piece. Plus NPR, coffee+bagel and cats - I identify!

Norma said...

Gratitude was my 2010 and 2011 New Year's resolution. If nothing comes to mind during my devotions, I just say the words "gratitude, gratitude, gratitude" and then it comes.