Thursday, January 5, 2012

I am lifted up! Or, synchronicity in action.

We all have friends who, after spending time with them, leave us feeling whole again, better than we were prior; happier, fuller, more spiritual and infinitely grateful for the blessings in our lives.

I just spent several hours with one such friend. My life is more complete because of her. After moving to the boonies of Missouri I am fortunate to have found such a person. Really, I'd be lucky to have found such a person anywhere, let alone hiding secluded in the rolling hills of northern Missouri.

It makes me consider what it is that brings us together as friends and confidantes. How did I even find this person? Having moved from a large metropolitan area to 30 acres in the country my opportunities were more than limited when the only town close to me housed only 999 people. When a friend such as this is one in a million, how do you find her amidst only a fraction of that?

She delivered my mail. That's how. Yes. One of my most respected friends in the world was my mail carrier. I recall early on stopping on our little gravel road, rolling down my window, and greeting her. Ten minutes later I knew that I had to make some of my unusual jewelry for her. Not everyone is right for my jewelry, that's a fact. Beej was, indeed, a perfect fit for my darkly spiritual creations.

This synchronicity thing takes many forms.

I remember going to Tony Robbins' "Firewalk"* seminar approximately 25 years ago. I walked into the auditorium filled with hundreds of people. As I stood at the entrance thinking about where I'd sit and who I might sit next to, I spied an interesting looking dark skinned woman and chose her. Out of several hundred people I might have sat with I ended up conversing with the one who had been a college student, attending the school in another state where both my grandparents were professors and both my parents attended college. How do we explain this kind of synchronicity? What energy is it that draws us to those of like minds, experiences or quests?

Perhaps it is the same energy which brings us together geographically.  No, I think it's more than that.  It is awareness.  When we become aware of who we really are and what is important to us in this lifetime we recognize it in others.

We see it in the way people walk, the design of their lawns and homes, their bumper stickers and the aura surrounding them and their geographical locations.

More importantly, though, is that energy which directs us to those who not only lift us up but encourage us as spiritual human beings, bolstering our enthusiasm for life and the quest for knowledge.

Pay attention and act on your sixth sense when you recognize that it is all coming together for you.  

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