Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Animal Cruelty

These cows are alive.

Hey Animal lovers out there.  Looks like another politician (Republican - is this a surprise?) wants to protect potential animal abusers from prosecution.

I agree that there are privacy concerns when hidden cameras are part of the process to expose the intense abuse suffered by animals raised to feed us, but I wonder how else it will be exposed?

This is an ongoing, mostly hidden, mostly ignored problem.  We are the caretakers of the earth's animals.  Putting them through a lifetime of intense suffering is not being a caretaker it's being a monster. 

Click here to read the brief article

Click here to watch video of slaughterhouse abuse (very graphic)
(Warning, the above video makes me cry.  I doubt I'll ever eat pork again after seeing this one and I could only watch the start of it.  It's something you should know, however, and if you aren't an animal rights activist after watching this then you might want to check for your missing empathy chip.)

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