Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happiness and Politics

I haven't been blogging much lately.  Probably several reasons for this.  First of all, I spout off a lot on Facebook.  I adore using Facebook.  Although many of my friends have visited me here at the mountain cabin this summer and fall, there are still many whom I don't see nearly often enough.  All my great friends back in Milwaukee, for instance.  I miss you.  My besty MOland friend, I miss you, too.

Milwaukee has some amazing architecture and fantabulous restaurants, but I don't find myself missing that 33 years of my life.  Probably because now I have the mountains surrounding me and that's pretty much all that I need in the way of beauty, interest and geography.

Despair, unhappiness and restlessness seem to have been catalysts to writing for many important authors.  Obviously, mental stress produces a fair share of creativity.  So ...... what happens when our mental stress is minimal?  Less writing.

It seems sophomoric to talk about being happy all the time.  (Why is that, anyway?)  About the only thing I get uppity about lately is politics.  Politics are important.  Truth is important.  I get danged irritated when I see the ridiculousness bandied about and am tired of both parties avoiding many of those things which are crucial to our lives and times.  I understand a lot of the evasion, though, because when two people cannot agree on a simple, basic fact there is no way to proceed with a productive discussion.  There has to be a starting point or nothing of value will ensue.

I have a theory (of course) of why political discourse is so difficult in our rapidly changing world.  As the people of this country and, hopefully, the world, head for a crash landing into personal authenticity, those who refuse to admit to themselves who they really are will remain living in confusion and denial.  This can't help but produce a stubborn refusal to be open minded.  If one cannot recognize one's own characteristics and value them, how can one value differences in others?

Part of my theory relates to those whose sexuality remains hidden because of their shame and fear of admitting who they really are.  Why do many Republicans fight against and ....... dare I say it ......... seem to hate all who are different from them?  Because they fear recognizing who they are themselves.  If you are a man in your forties (or older) who has had several attractive girlfriends, none of whom is ever "good enough" because it's just too hard for them to live up to "good ol' mom", you might want to think again about just what, precisely, drives your resistance to finding the right woman.  

If you can't admit to yourself the truth of your own sexuality, appreciating the wide range of sexual preference in others would be nearly impossible.  Hence the near hatred focused on those who are "different."  The Republican party seems to have this covered.  Revisit the conventions of Republicans and then Democrats and note the immense differences of the attendees.  One crowd virtually all the same; the other quite diverse.

I want to say to these closeted Republicans, "It's OK!  It's OK to be gay or whoever you are. Maybe your Mom and Dad won't like it, but so what.  Do you want to spend the rest of your life closeting who you are just to please people whose narrow mindedness has made you so fearful?"  Imagine the freedom of being yourself and hence, allowing yourself to not be threatened by the differences in others.  

Imagine a world with no religious prejudice, no racial or gender prejudice, and no judgment regarding sexual preference.  

I enjoy and try to live by that wonderful Wiccan (GASP!) saying, "An it harm none, do as ye will." 

Blessings to all you happy people out there.  As for the rest of you still seeking your path, I wish you an accelerated path to enlightenment.

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