Friday, May 30, 2008

Latest earth shaking headline from FOX NEWS: Brad Paisley Accused of Supporting Muslims for Being Named After a Pattern in a Scarf!

You heard it here first, folks! After getting Dunkin' Donuts to remove their Rachael Ray ad because of her seditious, terrorist supporting scarf, FOX NEWS is now going after Brad Paisley because it's obvious that he, also, is a far less subtle supporter of the terrorists. I mean, he unashamedly, publicly flaunts the name Paisley!

It's about time that a news organization as vigilant as FOX NEWS got after that subversive Rachael Ray. For months I've been aware that her constant pronouncing of "EVOO" on her alleged cooking show is really terrorist code for "Hey Herb, we're meeting tomorrow night at 7:o0pm to plan our next attack, then home in time to watch LOST."

We can all breathe a little easier today. "Fair and balanced" has been guarding the nation's butt, which is obviously somewhere no other news organization will go.

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