Thursday, May 21, 2009

JAVA Jabber

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Getting ready for my St. Louie adventure again today. Woopeee! Once the bro is dropped off at the airport I'm a free bird. I do believe I feel gambling in my future ........ and perhaps a tour of St. Charles?

Ebay is biting the dust as far as most self-representing artists are concerned. First they took away all sellers' power to leave a negative or even neutral feedback for lousy buyers. Now they are insisting that all payments be made via their company, PayPal. Both financially motivated schemes which I believe are backfiring. Ebay's profits are WAY down.

Sooooo ...... I'm setting up my art store on Etsy now. Please check it out when you have time:

MoJo's New Etsy Shop!

New News:

Adam Lambert did not win "American Idol." Just goes to show that the sympathy vote can still win.

My prediction? Adam will soon be the new "Universal Idol".

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Sad News:

Prejudice never dies. Four men planted a bomb in a synagogue in the Bronx on their "mission from hell".

I'll say.

Old News:

Cheney won't shut up. "America is less safe." This from the man who no longer receives top secret briefings regarding the state of the world.

Guess he'd know, eh?

Translation: "I hate being out of power."

We and the rest of the world love it.

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In the not-s0-new esoteric news department - seen this one?

Namasté my friends.

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