Monday, May 11, 2009

Cheney Joins the Ghetto Crew

Ok ..... I know, I know. He was there already a member of the Coulter-Hannity-Limbaugh Ghetto Crew. Hard to imagine a rational person being able to dig himself a deeper garbage pit than Dick Cheney already has ..... and yet ..... he does it!

Now this right-wing torturer is taking on Colin Powell. Colin Powell, a respected man who speaks for the moderates in the Republican party. Cheney attacks HIM now that Cheney's lost his supreme power as the worst, most powerful VP the U.S. has ever encountered?

Read it here if you haven't already:


As many Republicans try to distance themselves from Bush and Cheney ...... attempting to portray them as the OLD face of the Republican party (from which we should run as fast as possible, by the way), Cheney once again makes it clear that he just, plain, doesn't get it. Power does, indeed, corrupt, and he is a perfect and prime example.

Andrew Sullivan says it much better than I could, so why paraphrase? Here is his well written article on the matter of politicans who are mentally challenged far beyond being able to age and retire gracefully:

Andrew Sullivan

Every time Cheney opens his mouth (or the rest of the ghetto crew, for that matter), I become even more proud of this man:

The contrast becomes even more astounding as TGC (the ghetto crew) digs themselves in deeper and deeper. Republicans want to believe that history will judge George W. Bush more kindly than present times do. Highly unlikely. Particularly with Cheney wielding the shovel.

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