Saturday, May 9, 2009

JAVA Jabber

This morning's thoughts on the news and otherwise.

**Soooooo ...... Drew Peterson is finally arrested for the murder of his third wife. It took the disappearance of his fourth wife to even bring to light that something suspicious may have happened to the third poor candidate.

Too late for the fourth wife, unfortunately. Amazing the well kept secrets of the blue brotherhood.

**Mother's Day tomorrow.

Are you ready?

** Twenty-one-year-old Wesleyan woman is murdered by two-year stalker who thought that "it's okay to kill Jews and go on a killing spree," according to his diary. Evidently he became enraged after she filed a complaint against him and he never let it go. In his warped mind she evidently confronted the "unconfrontable." He was the untouchable, not to be denounced, all-powerful narcissist.

Hmmmm ...... sounds familiar.

** Stephen Colbert mocks Sean Hannity's "Liberty Tree". Har ... it's not really fair to make fun of the logically challenged, is it?

Click on the out of control ego above for story.

Don't know this dipshit? Click here:

Encyclopedia reference: Sean Hannity

** I feel a cemetery haunting coming on. Hmmmm ...... better break out the digital and head into a town ...... somewhere.

Hope y'alls are having a great day.


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