Monday, August 3, 2009

Epoxy Effectively Ends Egregious Exploits

Or ...... Repugnant Romeo Receives Rightful Reward

Gotta love this:

STOCKBRIDGE, Wis. (AP) -- Three Wisconsin women are accused of tying up and assaulting a married man after allegedly finding out he was having affairs with each of them.

The women are each charged with false imprisonment, a felony that carries a maximum prison term of six years.

Calumet County prosecutors say 48-year-old Therese A. Ziemann of Menasha lured the man to a Stockbridge motel last Thursday. Prosecutors say she was soon joined by 43-year-old Michelle Belliveau of Neenah; 43-year-old Wendy L. Sewell of Kaukauna; and the man's wife.

Authorities say Ziemann punched the man in the face and applied Krazy Glue to other body parts. All four women allegedly fled with his cell phone, wallet and vehicle.

Prosecutors also plan to charge the wife.

Online court records didn't list defense attorneys for any woman Monday.

Stockbridge is southeast of Appleton.

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