Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Glenn Beck Make Up Your Mind, Sweetheart

Ok ...... first Mr. Beck says that Obama "hates white people."

Three seconds later he says, "I'm not saying he doesn't like white people."

Ummmmm ...... huh?

I guess when you're a right wing hate monger you don't want to get called out on what you just said. Damn. It's SO much easier just to sling around your hateful terminology without having to actually have FACTS behind any of it. Sigh.

Here is what I truly don't get. How can anyone with even a modicum of self-esteem, analytical capability or sensibility WANT to watch this guy?


Evil Lily said...

I watch him. I watch alot of other news shows too though. I want to hear all points of view, etc.

MoJo said...

I have an interest in different points of view, but find it difficult to find anything of value in Glenn Beck's comments.

Have you found issues on which you agree?

Evil Lily said...

I do agree with some of his comments, but some are waaaay out there. He gets a bit carried away sometimes. I'm mid-road politically, so I kind of sit in between all of the views on the news shows. I think as I get older and the kids are out of the house, I'll have more democratic views. I'm a strict Momma, so I think that influences alot of my opinions. If that makes any sense.

MoJo said...

I think that makes lots of sense. Most meaningful people or events in our lives have influence over our feelings and actions. Parenthood is certainly a BIG influence. Often we see the world with a different colored or even a narrower lens when it comes to our own children. We're protective!

I think we need more strict Mamas. Good manners, common sense, attention to detail and respect seem to be going by the wayside in many families as parents don't want to be bothered with all that hard work. Although I'm not sure that strictness has necessarily much to do with one's political beliefs.

Liberalism, meaning "maximum individual liberty" would not necessarily apply to one's underage children still learning responsibility for themselves. I don't think this makes you a conservative, however!

Evil Lily said...

I really think parents(esp. young ones) don't want to work on being a good parent. I stay home and we do with out some of the more expensive things in life so I can actually raise my children. I'm not saying that working parents are bad parents either. I know plenty who do not work and still don't teach their children how to be "good" people.

Funny thing is that the kids at my sons school (middle school) all think I'm so cool. I tell them they wouldn't think that if they had me as a Mom. :)

I think I'm having difficulty explaining the political part. I do enjoy the fact that you will discuss this with me. Most people get all strange and won't talk about religion or politics!

MoJo said...

You know I LOVE discussing religion and politics. Especially with someone who discusses rationally.

Thank you!

Evil Lily said...

I LOVE to dicuss these issues too! There's really no need to be irrational. We all need to learn to agree to disagree. :)