Friday, February 27, 2009

I Adore Crones

I was going to write about older women, but then saw gorgeous, super smart Michelle Obama on the news. She's not exactly older, so I've changed the title to "crones" which, I know, brings to mind an ugly old woman in most people's minds.

Even the out of date dictionary definition of crone is "an old woman who is thin and ugly."

So let me tell you what a crone really is. A crone is the third part of the triumvirate starting as maiden and mother. This means I'm a crone and I ain't old, baby. My life producing years may have just ended but my knowledge of life continues growing larger and stronger, and that's precisely what a crone is, a knowledgeable elder.

There is much to be learned from older women and it's about dang time we recognized this here in the good ol' U.S. of A. I'm pretty sickety sick of older men with wrinkles being termed "maturely handsome" and older women with the same wrinkles being viewed as ...... well ..... OLD and undesirable. Huh? Who thought up that disjointed idea?

My experience with men, all the way back since I was in my teens, is that they are mostly interested in my pants. Older women, while I'm not gonna say we don't notice a cute young hunk, have much more on our minds and might I say much more important things on our minds.

The women I'm close to are students of life. We read, study, watch, and each day brings us closer to the answers for which we search. The search brings us more ability to share this knowledge with our sisters.

Now don't go all defensive on me re the wonderful men in your life. Ya, I know some, too. Some of my best friends are men. My husband is, too, and believe me, I'm pretty psyched about having my own in-house hunk.

My point is that in general we devalue women as they age and that is just plain wrong. So I'm talking about it now and you know I will be again.

As usual.

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merelyadream said...

Thanks Mo, for reminding people that just because we get older is no reason to put us on a shelf, like a well used photo book.
And though we enjoyed the years of men looking at our pants now and then, it never was really the total part of women. I believe that men missed out on a great deal of things with us.
The older years should be spent with them learning our abilities that go way beyond.....our pants
I love talking to the elderly, even though I am getting up in years myself.
They have knowledge, stories and memories that I could listen to all day.