Thursday, February 26, 2009

Taking a Break to Celebrate

Today I will refresh my mind and soul, take a break from this seeming political chaos, turn off the news, and simply enjoy and appreciate my wonderful life. We don't do this often enough, do we? If you do, bless you and please share this ability with others.

Today I will spend the day alone, or at least separated from other human beings. I am surrounded by the love of six furballs (Luna, Angus, Bart, Tashi, Sophie and Merlyn), Mama Nature's incredible acceptance, the pleasure of my home and sacred objects, and intrigue of my books.

Today I begin my celebration of Ostara. Although still three weeks away nature has already commenced noting the arrival of the spring equinox, warmer weather and longer light. On March 20th we celebrate the Vernal Equinox (Ostara), the midway point of Candlemas and Beltane. This is the celebration of spring's apex, the equality of night and day, the return of the God of Light and the Mother Goddess who opens herself to fertility.

Today I was amused by the first Kildeer performance I've seen so far this year. Quite vocal in her attempt to lead me astray, she brought a smile to my face (as they always do) when she screeched and flopped around, creating a Sarah Bernhardt worthy production of convincing me she had been injured so that I would follow her far from her nest.

Today I took down the last of my Yule greeneries from my rural mailbox and will replace them with spring colors and flowery adornments along with little twinkling lights. I will start my spring cleaning of the yard, fill the fountains with fresh water for the birds and plan my herb and vegetable gardens.

Today is a day to begin our renewal, replenish our souls with the bounty of Mother Nature and give praise for the incredible life giving forces of our universe.


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