Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This is the best they can do?

I listened to our President last night and found myself renewing the hope for our futures which I have had for the past four months. To say that it is incredibly uplifting to hear our President speak to us with eloquence and intelligence, as though we are, indeed, intelligent enough to understand him, is understatement. Yowza! Now already there's a change I can live with!

Then the Republicans send Bobby Jindal on as their rebuttist (and I quote Dubya here ...... ok, not really ..... but he could have made up this word if it sounded even stupider). Bobby Jindal, Governor of Lousiana. Yes, Lousiana. Where the hurricane Katrina decimated its most famous city. This is what Republican Governor Jindal (of Lousiana) had to say, and I quote:

"the government didn't help us out during Katrina, so we know not to look to them for help during this economic crisis".

Now to quote Rachel Maddow when asked about Jindal's response: "ah .... a .... ah ..... bwa bwa bahhhhh...... I don't even know what to say right now".

Yep. Me, too, Rachel.

We hate to belabor the obvious (but often do it, anyway), but, ah, does Gov. Jindal recall that BUSH was President during Katrina? Hey, Bobby! Bobby! Pay attention now! Bush is gone! WE VOTED OUT THE REPUBLICAN ADMINISTRATION! We have a new President now! Hello??

This is the best that the Republican party can offer up to rebut President Obama's well thought out, well laid out speech, keeping the American people informed every step of his way just as he said he would in his campaign speeches? Wha?

Jindal's argument is that since the federal government couldn't do anything productive for New Orleans following the Katrina tragedy, don't expect any help, at all, for anything in the future.

First of all would someone please ring Bobby up and catch him up to date on who's Prez right now? Second, could someone alert him that perhaps when he offers up a rebuttal directly following the President who speaks to us as though we are intelligent, thinking adults, he MIGHT not want to speak V E R Y S L O W L Y, using only grade school terminology and two syllable words.

Oh yes, and THIRD. Someone ...... please ........ someone ........ let Governor of Louisiana Jindal know that not only is there $5 billion in Katrina government aid still unspent in Lousiana (his state) ....... but that turning down the money coming to Lousiana via President Obama's stimulus package means that YOU are denying your state the federal help it could receive.



f76_Tdt10.CRyvEMu62REIWuLg8qRFtsKYk said...

How long has this fool been in office and why haven't the people of that state voted him out yet? He clearly doesn't care about the residents of LA. Is this what repubs mean by "less government"? ie: that the folks in gov't shouldn't have to do their jobs because they don't want to be there anyway?

MoJo said...

Interesting politics down there in Louisiana, as we know from history. Jindal has been Governor since October of 2007. Prior to that he was a Congressional Representative from LA.

Republicans seem to think of him as their bright, rising star.

Sounds pretty good for us, doesn't it? That rebuttal speech had to be nearly the biggest yawn of any I've seen of late.

Anonymous said...

The only good thing thing that
I can say about Jindal is that to me personally he isn't as revolting or terrifying as Sarah Palin (but that's like making a choice between eating raw or cooked spleen IMO so I guess that isn't saying much lol)

With that said, what on earth was that *rebuttal* supposed to signify?

About all I could garner out of it was that he thinks "Americans can DO ANYTHING" and apparently channeled Mr Rogers as his speechwriter lol

I think Chris Mathew's muttered "Oh God" summed it all up LOL Peculiar (ah-hem) *stagecraft* indeed!

MoJo said...

Hmmmm .... I can say without question that I've never eaten spleen. Raw OR cooked. Wait .... that may not be true. A good friend took me to eat sushi once (and only) and wouldn't tell me what I was eating. So who knows .......

tony said... are so right.

great minds think alike.

tony said... are so right.

great minds think alike.