Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Did you miss the big GOP blowout?

Last night the GOP had a good ol' Washington, DC fund raiser, accompanied by the usual right-wing blathering and unfounded attacks.

Jon Voight emceed the event. I quote: “Obama as a candidate portrayed himself as a moderate but turned out to be wildly radical,” Voight said, “Everything Obama has recommended has turned out to be disastrous.”

No wonder even his own daughter won't speak to him. I'd be mildly interested to know what he feels is a disaster. But only mildly. Perhaps he thinks that saving the country from a depression is disastrous.

Unable to come up with an original thought, Voight repurposed the campaign slander regarding Bill Ayers again. Well, I suppose when you don't have anything concrete to complain about you might as well go back to the same old harpy lies and innuendo, eh?

Newt Gingrich was the central speaker. This is the Newt Gingrich who hasn't held elected office for what ...... a decade now? He won the headlining speaker slot, beating out the ever in the background Governor Palin. Now there's a choice for ya. Both are hoping to receive the nomination for President in 2012. I'm hoping that Parah Salin will get the nomination ....... not only because she would ensure a Republican loss but just imagine the jokes based on her grammatical skills alone!

"I'm the mayor, I can do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can't." --Sarah Palin, as quoted by former City Council Member Nick Carney, after he raised objections about the $50,000 she spent renovating the mayor's office without approval of the city council.

One might wonder if at some point the Repos will recognize the irony of having an actor emcee their event. All their harping criticism of "liberal Hollywood" and claims that actors should just "do their jobs" and stop talking about politics. Yet Jon Voight's opinions (rehashed though they may be) bring huge applause.

Hmmmmm ....... so actors are stupid if they're liberals and should just shut up ...... but if they are hate-minded conservatives their opinions are valid. Ok. I get it now. Repos hate actors who speak out, but elect their own to office (Schwarzenegger, Reagan, Thompson [Fred]). Does this mean that their actors should just "shut up and act", or ............ explain that one.

Although Gingrich is making attempts to appear as though he is pandering less to the radical religious right Republican minority (he knows that's the only way to get elected), when one reads their speech copy, it's just same ol' same ol'.


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