Thursday, June 11, 2009

Java Jabber

I should know better than to sit here watching the news as I answer email and sip my ultra delicious Delta Mud Alterra coffee. I should, but I don't. So here goes.


First I'm treated to the announcement that Carrie Prejean has been fired as Miss California. I guess this is huge news in some circles. Golly gee, Cali got 'em a new beauty queen. Woo ...... who givesaflock.

Evidently not only can't this bigoted bimbo keep her mouth shut, she can't adhere to her bimbo contract, either. What a loss.

In further bimbo news it is reported that Gordon Ramsay, celebrity chef (never heard of him and what does that mean anyhow ...... he flips burgers for movie stars?), ran his obviously misogynistic pie hole off about an innocent TV news woman in Australia.

Public outcry has forced him to not only apologize but lie about the nature of his apology.

Glad she (the TV woman) stood up for herself but again, does anyone care about this celebrity burger man?

You want fries with that?

In more serious news, bigoted white supremacist (puts the first two to shame) James W. Von Brunn, 88, entered the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC yesterday armed with his .22 caliber rifle intending to do as much harm as possible.

Indeed he did kill one guard prior to being blasted into bigot hell by two others.

If you have the stomach for his racist diatribes, here are a couple of links:

Bigot Blather

Huffington Post Story

He's the famed (only in white supremacy circles) author of "Kill the Best Gentiles" (whew, I'm safe) and MENSA member. Wha? So intelligence has less to do with bigotry than I assumed? This will take more research .........

My take on this: there's more to this story than has yet been reported.

Addendum: I just checked my MENSA directory and James von Brunn is not listed. Seems he was an attention seeker so I'm guessing he did not hide his profile (i.e. the report of him being a MENSA member is wrong).

The bimbo news is never ending today .... or is it always like this?

WARNING, WARNING, WILL ROBINSON! Yet another "reality show" hits the airwaves ..... this time on WE television.

Ok, first of all, reality shows are never about reality. Reality is those of us out here actually living WITHOUT a camera shoved up our nostril.

So now we have another family with too many kids about to be thrown into the limelight (this may be an overstatement: it's on WE TV) a la the photo above of the (for now) happy family surrounded by photo umbrellas. Sure looks real to me.

I know, I know, that's Mighty Mouse. I just put him there because he's my favorite.

And finally (thank the Goddess, I've turned off the TV) on "The Early Show", a man (?) sitting next to the anchors, wearing a super hero suit and mask ....... with cape and codpiece. Something about going out to schools to teach children something or other. I blanked it.

I'm done.

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Jennifer said...

Thank you for the wonderful update on the Bimbos of today's society. I was wondering if you saw Heather Grahm's interview about being a witch. You can Youtube it! I always thought she was dumb, but she takes the cake in my book for being the biggest moron this side of the Mississippi (okay, I live in PA but hey, I couldn't think of anything else) She needs to just keep her trap shut!~

Love the Mighty Mouse pic! *winks*