Friday, June 12, 2009

The Never Ending Babbleon

Watching Palin News this morning:

How does one vote enthusiastically, one might wonder? Just quoting Gov. Palin once again, regarding representatives of her state who voted for a new pipeline.

Maybe they SHOUT out their vote with vim and vigor? Is that how one votes "enthusiastically"?

Hmmmm .... ok, same ol' same ol'. She wants more oil out of aLASka. OIL OIL OIL. Renewable energy sources are, evidently, not a consideration in her world.

Ahhhhh ...... another quotable statement, "Take it however you want to," referring to her previously released press statement that David Letterman could not be trusted around her daughter.

Ooh, ooh ..... another, "The Candidate who must be obeyed," referring to Barack Obama. Hmmm. Must someone actually give clues to Ms. Palin regarding her ability be equally respected?

Ok, here goes. Perhaps, if she were as intelligent, eloquent, knowledgeable and aware as President Obama, she, also, would receive the respect she so ferociously seeks. Instead, she is continual fodder for late night comedy. In stark contrast to our President. It's so dang TRICKY to make fun of someone who actually makes sense!

It just gets better and dumber. Republican spitefulness is backfiring. Most of us are onto them. Do you think they'll realize prior to the next election?

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