Friday, March 6, 2009

Just Another Example

Poor Michael Vick. As the former football star twiddles his thumbs in jail his Atlanta mansion goes on the auction block for a minimum of $3.2 million. If you want to see a monument to hubris, check out the link.

Personally I see this home ...... well not really a home ..... this behemoth monstrosity ...... as a monument to what needs to change in our society. Ya, there's a ton that's good about our society and there's a whole slew of things which still need to change.

This is an example of one of those things. Our hubristic desire to do whatever we want even as it hurts other living things.

When I questioned a friend recently who was expounding (again) on how she loves German food, especially veal, she actually looked at me dumbfounded because I'd asked how the animals were treated prior to her enjoyment of them for dinner. It wouldn't occur to her to think of such a thing. She even responded in this fashion: "Who CARES?" Well, I care. Many people care, just not enough people. Hell, she keeps a lone horse running around her property, all by himself, loose and lonesome. Not even people for company. Is there any wonder the guy runs onto others' property to visit animals of a like kind? Horses are social! I won't go into the feral kittens left to die as raccoon food.

But I digress, as usual. There seem to be three ways of thinking about this issue of treatment of animals.

First is the attitude of my friend above ....... the disdain of even a question regarding how we would dare to treat animals. The hubris actually seeps off of these people, attaching itself to my brain and grubbing into my subconscious like maggots where they sit and fester until I write about it or send money to PETA.

Second there's the attitude that this just doesn't exist. People who are totally unaware and no doubt intend to stay that way.

Third there are people like me ....... who care. Some of us donate money, speak about this problem, do something about this problem.

Michael Vick thought that training dogs to rip each other to shreds was fine, upstanding entertainment. Many think that putting animals through a torturous lifestyle with the finale being a horrendous death should have no effect on their enjoyment of a good steak or German veal.

If your mind is not made up on this issue, it's always best to gain more knowledge in order to make an informed decision. I offer the following to you if you have an interest in knowing what we do to sentient, living beings in order to enjoy them covering our backs or on our dinner plates.

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