Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Republicans' Favorable Rating Going Even Lower?

Wow. Imagine that.

I was gonna let this go but geez, how many times does one have to hear Rush Limbaugh's blubber mouth say over and over, "what is so strange about being honest and saying I want Barack Obama to fail"?

Well ..... what IS so strange about a Republican wanting a Democratic President to fail? Absolutely nothing! This is no surprise, as that is the hatefulness of the Republican party today. Republicans would rather have their nation fail (as was evidenced by Dubya's reign) than have a Democratic President fix the problems they created.

Ya, read that again. Republicans would RATHER have their nation fall into a depression and FAIL than have the new President succeed at his very tough job. They see tough times for all of us, more business failing, more unemployment as BETTER than Barack Obama succeeding at fixing the mess they've made.

Is that sinking in?

Michael Steele (Chairman of the RNC) can first tell us that Limbaugh doesn't speak for Republicans, and then apologize to Limbaugh (can we say flip-flop?), and he can say "baby" on "The Today Show" while talking to Matt Lauer, but he's still a dweeb with nothing on his mind but spin, and even that wasn't very well done.

Michael Steele says that Republicans are trying to go in a "positive direction". Wha? What direction is that? Does anyone out there know?

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