Monday, January 23, 2012

Are we proud of our younger generation or what?!

Now and then we allow ourselves to think that the younger generations are going to Hell.  Why?  I think it's partly laziness on the part of us "older" people and also because what we hear on the news every day is mostly negative.  That's what news is for, though, not to report the ordinary, but to report problems which need to be fixed and the occasional outstanding moment.  For some reason we want to allow our problems to outweigh the good in our daily lives.  Perhaps that's human nature; perhaps that's just how most of us have been taught to think about life.

So here is a 17-year-old girl who, possibly, may have created a route to the cure for cancer.  When reading how she came to this procedure it certainly makes sense and seems almost simple, as most miraculous cures are.  However, no one thought of it before, so indeed, she has a special mind and a special place in history.

We have a reason to celebrate today, and to be grateful for the young minds which will help make our lives and the lives of our children better.

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