Sunday, January 22, 2012

Here it is: The PERFECT, Traditional Grilled Cheese Sandwich Meal

Ok, here we go.  Now this is the quickie, down and dirty grilled cheese dinner for when you just got home and are starving.  We've all been there.

Grab two pieces of your herbed Italian bread (yes, they even have this at the Walmart), along with at least two different kinds of sliced cheese.  You don't have to get fancy here, this is the down and dirty version.  So pick a slice of American, one slice of Swiss cheese and a few teeny slices of your favorite (Havarti or gruyere are my faves).

Slap those cheesies on your fancy bread and sprinkle some basil in between the slices.  This is very important!  BASIL!

Pour a little extra virgin olive oil into your non-stick skillet and turn the heat on low.  Did you hear me?  LOW!  If yer a skinny-minnie and have no heart issues, slather that gorgeous frying pan with real butter instead of  EVOO.  Up to you.

While the first side of your basil grilled cheese is soaking up that oil and starting to tan, pull out a ready made can of Progresso tomato basil soup. I said this was the down and dirty version, right?

Pour that easy basily soup into a big cup with a handle and flash it in the micro for a minute.  Don't forget to cover it, silly.

Check the suntan on your grilled cheese and if it looks right around Jamaican, flip it over.

Now give that tomato soup a stir, recover it, and nuke it for another 45 seconds.

Now's the time to pick your grilled cheese wine.  I suggest a smooth chardonnay or liebfraumilch - whatever is your favorite.  For me?  Whatever is already open.

By the time you've got your soup cup set on your plate and your wine poured, you should have a nicely tanned grilled cheese.  Take your time, though, goodness cannot be rushed.

Got the stereo set?  Lights dimmed?  Yeah.  You're ready.  Carry that gorgeous plate of comfort food to the best seat in the house and there you are - caramba!  Happy.

Admit it, you want one right now, don't you.

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Amy Pohler said...

Thanks for reminding me how simple food can be so satisfying. I look forward to more recipes!