Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Moon Tonight, Folks

At 12:41am tomorrow morning we will be enjoying the new moon for January, 2012.

The new moon phase occurs when the moon is positioned directly between the earth and the sun.  Hence, the sun's light shines on only the back portion of the moon which we don't see here on earth.

As both of my blog readers know, I enjoy studying the "old ways" and tend to believe that nature holds power of us little humans.  Thus, I feel that just as the moon has power over the oceans it also has influence far beyond what we are generally willing to admit as the powerful human beings we feel we are.

Given that, I enjoy some simple rituals which allow us to show our appreciation for, and also use the power of nature.  New Moon is a good time to concentrate on new intentions or new goals, as the moon will now grow to be full in one month.

Whatever your intention may be (start writing poetry, get better grades, change a certain part of your personality, become a gourmet chef, etc.), this is the time to proclaim them and start work.  You will have the energy of the moon with you, helping you toward your goal.

Do you have a new goal?  I certainly do, and I will commence after dark this evening with a ritual cleansing bath prior to starting my new journey.

Would you like a personalized Moon Ritual made just for you and your new intention?  Please click on the box on the upper left side of this blog with the title "Buy a Custom MoJo Moon Ritual Here", pick whether you wish a new moon or a full moon ritual, and check out through PayPal.

Be sure to include a clear and direct intention via the message portion of PayPal.  I will promptly send you a customized ritual made just for you.

Whatever you choose to do on this new moon, may you be blessed in every way.

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