Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bernie "The Weasel" Madoff

Bernie Madoff and his son, Mark

And in further Madoff-with-stolen-money news, it appears that good ol' Bernie, ever the selfish one, madoff with even more Ponzi scheme funds by putting millions into pseudo "foundations" run by his Ponzi-kid.

Bernie got a nice tax break for donating his stolen funds to this last minute foundation (so even MORE stolen income), and the foundation, whose 990 is basically BLANK, gave away little to nothing over the past two years. Turns out it was just a holding tank for Bernie-the-IRA-stealer's ill gotten gains as he saw the walls closing in on him.

So, this Ponzer wants only 12 years' punishment for wreaking havoc in thousands of people's lives. Isn't that special. I chuckled at one of the theftee's remarks upon hearing his pitiful pleas. She said, "12 years would be just fine as long as he's hanging by his toes the whole time."

Has this man-with-no-empathy done anything but beg for lenience for himself? Has he offered to help those he's irreparably injured? Has he closed down his "foundations" in order to refund at least a small part of people's life savings which he stole without touch of any conscience?

No. He wants his own family to rest on their millions. Far be it from him to figure out that giving up one of the more lavish penthouses and lifestyles of the rich and famous is the RIGHT thing to do.

Lenience? Sure. When he's living in a cardboard box on a corner in the Bronx.

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