Saturday, June 27, 2009

Give This Woman a Standing Ovation

And there she isn't!

I am so thrilled to finally see the cheated-on wife of a politician/rock star/pro athlete who does NOT stand beside her man at his "oh-poor-me-I-have-sinned" media extravaganza.

Jenny Sanford did not stand with her cheating SOB of a husband as he told the world what we already knew: that he was not "hiking the Appalachian Trail" (duh), but instead was gettin' it on with his skanky Argentinian cheatin' skank ..... well gee, I just can't seem to find enough descriptive words to throw at women who sleep with other women's husbands. I do adore SKANKY. It's such a god-awful nasty sounding word and seems to fit the situation oh so well. Just makes my gut feel better once I've said it about these women without conscience.

But back to the skanky, cheatin' Guvner and his (as it appears) faithful wife. Rather than stand tearful and doe eyed, watching her hubby explain his wienie express trip to Argentina to see his mistress ("it just happened" dontcha know .... it always JUST HAPPENS), she was in non-attendance. Yay! Finally!

Not only was she not there, she said, "I have great faith and I have great friends and great family. We have a good Lord in this world, and I know I’m going to be fine. Not only will I survive, I’ll thrive." YES! A woman with the guts to tell her husband's political advisers to take a four day hike along the Appalachian Trail.

Are you not sick of the sniffling wives "standing by their men" as the loser confesses his sins?!? Holy Dr. Phil, I sure am. I'm thinking it should be mandatory for these wayward politicians/athletes, et al to be forced to spend every day for 6 months watching Dr. Phil instruction tapes on HOW TO BE A MAN.

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