Friday, June 26, 2009


First of all, my apologies to all of you who just received an email telling you that I had blogged, and then all you could see was the blog title: GAG. Sorry, I hit the wrong key. It happens.

Anyhooo ....... I've got the TV on (always a mistake). Just heard out of my right ear the 1500th ad for something called "Guardasil" (don't watch, so I am guessing that's how it's spelled). Some kind of drug that keeps young women from getting cervical cancer ..... or maybe prohibits them from having sex all together (seems like a better idea), I dunno.

The overwhelming amount of ads for drugs (and this from a person who generally watches "The Today Show" and the history channel ..... maybe "Medium") seems to me that drug companies are trying to turn the general population into doctors and doctors into the neighborhood drug pusher.

According to these ads from Merck, Pfizer, et al, I am to diagnose myself, then request these drugs (which I have prescribed as needed for myself) from my doctor.

Didn't this used to be the other way around? Didn't we used to see our doctors as needed and/or every year for a check-up, and following said check-up along with a list of our current complaints, the doc would do the diagnosing and prescribing?

When did this whole thing turn around? When did I receive a medical degree simply by watching the tube? When did my doc turn dumb enough to give me any drug I ask for?


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Evil Lily said...

It's all propaganda from the drug companies.

I'm soooo sick of the Viva Viagra commercials too!