Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You Heard It Here First!

Soooooo ........ today it is revealed that South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was not really hiking the Appalachian Trail as he told the media following his four day mysterious disappearance. Rather, he was following his wienie to Argentina, cheating on his wife with his Argentine mistress.

He said it began oh so innocently. Gee. Don't they all. Someone just SUCKED his poor, innocent, family loving arse right into an affair.

Snapola! You heard it right here moments after his "disappearance" was announced.

Wonkette Story

FOX News, in their usual attempt to disregard the truth for their own convenient and false information, first identified Mark Sanford as a Democrat:

FOX News!

Good to know they're so afar of the facts that they don't even know who USED to be a potential candidate for the Republican presidential nomnination in 2012.

There are also reports that he traveled the Wienie Express to Argentina on the public's dime. Oh dear. It just gets worse and worse, doesn't it? And this is only the 2nd day!

Taxpayer Dollars, too?

So ..... FOX News and Republicans ....... who's elitist?

South Carolina Republicans are considering impeachment. I think maybe his wife should just make short work of him herself. ;)

The oh-so-sad-story:

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