Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's really the little things

We recently had a full-out, tree bending, mini-hurricane here in MOland. The kind we often have, actually. The kind I always adore ...... Mama Nature showing us just who's boss.

When this occurs I most always have the strong desire to stand right out in it. Lightning or no lightning ..... high winds or moderate. I want to feel that power ...... feel the force of the earth that exposes itself in great detail within every raindrop flung at my face with spear-like force.

Today I got my chance. No, today I accepted the challenge in order to preserve something else I adore.

Today I was fearless in the face of what Mama N. threw at me. Today I was more soaked to the bone than I can remember in my own history.

Why? Because just a few days ago my husband and I put up our brand new, tent style gazebo on Monster Deck. It really looked great even though it's only 10' x 12', which is out measured considerably by our 24' x 56' deck. Nevertheless, the little gazebo, in addition to our four patio umbrellas, brought us wonderful shade and a sense of coziness.

We knew that a moderately strong gazebo with only metal sides and a canopy top would present some problems in the high winds which gust across our "back forty" with enough force to take out anything in its path which isn't bolted down. Sooooo ...... did we have the new gazebo bolted down yet? Why no, we didn't. Hence we were both standing out in the thunder, lightning, and winds that took down large tree branches, being pounded by torrential rain.

Now I've set the stage. You get the scenario. Two little people, saving their gazebo from a full force, raging Mama Nature. And we did it. As I struggled to hold up the corners in what must have been 60 mile an hour wind, my husband sloshed out with the drill and put the bolts through the supports.

We unleashed the canopy top so the wind didn't literally lift the entire gazebo up like a hot air balloon, and my job became considerably easier.

Here's my point ....... and believe it or not I do have one today. It's a little point; just an everyday kinda point, but noteworthy nonetheless.

To go indoors after the above mentioned storm experience, drenched as the proverbial wet rat .... soaked and barely able to peel off plastered wet clothing ....... drying off with fluffy towels ....... donning warm, dry jammies ........ was a true blessing.

It made me consider all the people of the world who are deprived of this small yet significant opportunity to feel safe, warm, and at home.

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Evil Lily said...

I've actually lived through a few hurricanes when I lived in NC. What you did by saving your canopy is no small feat indeed!

I also love to stand out in the rain and esp. a storm. However, Jaysan worries too much nowadays to even humor me.

Enjoy your canopy because in the heat it makes a big difference!